Typhoon in Thailand ... Bangkok Pt. 1

I hear the headlines, and think the typhoons already going on, just on the streets of Bangkok. I decided to head out of the islands for two reasons, one, I had to change my flight and send back all the extra crap I decided to carry with me, and two I found out that an old friend of the family, is now in Bangkok. Now I haven't seen her in probably 5 years, so I'm not sure if I remember what she looks like, or what not. I get to Bungalumpoo in Bangkok where I stay, and decide to change guesthouses from the one I stayed in before. I find a guesthouse about two houses down called the Green Guesthouse, I'm like ok, no big deal. I go downstairs to the internet shop to check my email, tell people I'm in Bangkok, I didn't get killed on the bus, and get her mobile number to call her and find out where she is. As I'm reading her email, she mentions she frequents an internet shop, at the Green Guesthouse. I'm like ok, I'll hang around, I'm sure I'm going to see her. As I'm almost finished someone walks in that looks and sounds like I remember her, but starts talking about fixing the computers, and such, I'm like no, there's no way she's working, she's only been here for 2 days or so. I decide I'm going to call her to see what happens. As I hand the phone number to the girl behind the counter to call Sandy, she starts looking at me really confused, looks down at the paper again, then points to her and says that's her. Little did I know that her and the owner of the internet shop were good friends. This was the start of the up coming typhoon.

For one night, another of my Thailand ma's good friends shows up who lives in Chang Mai, in northern Thailand. The next morning he is leaving to lead a tour to Cambodia, so of course being the good responsible people we are, we make sure that it was a night not to forget. We headed down to Sukumvit, one of the notorious red light districts in Bangkok to have a night. All said and done we part at probably 3:30 in the morning to pass out, and that was the earliest night we had.

One night after playing some pool, I head up to ma's room to chat for a bit before heading to bed. She had told me about this sign outside of her window,

and said she wanted a picture of it. But of course she's been too scared to climb out on the ledge and find out what's going on to take the picture, so I jump out the window, look around, and return. I decide to go back out one more time with a sacrificial spoon, and come back into the room, sign in hand. The sign is now on the small window at the end of the internet shop, which opens out onto some dining tables. I'm not sure how many people understand it, but it gets some great first looks.

I have been introduced to the harem of women called the family which all seem to hang out around here, and go drink at Wild Orchid every night.

Thailand sucks huh?

In Thailand you can only by beer until 1:00 am, and all the bars close, except of course for a few hotel restaurant lounges, some of which sell cocktails and no beer, and some of which you have to go to 7-11 and buy Sang Som, Thai whisky. You can't buy beer, just whiskey. Some how, partly due to these girls, I have found the rising of the sun and the cooing of roosters as a great sleep agent.

There's a great little bar that has live music every night which is quickly becoming my favorite hangout. The first time I went there was on monday and the band was absolutely amazing. He doesn't have a cd but records his set every monday, and said if I come next monday, he would burn me a cd. It was a 3 piece instrumental band called The Buranakarn Trio. One of the most amazing jazz/funk trio's I've ever seen.